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Newcastle Fertility Specialists

Dr Myvanwy McIlveen and Dr Robert Woolcott are committed to ensuring that when nature fails you can get the highest quality assistance with your efforts to achieve a healthy pregnancy and a new baby. Here you will find detailed information on all aspects of fertility management.

There are also links to many pages of detailed information - more than sufficient to ensure you will be well equipped to have the best possible chance of successful pregnancy. Please take your time to have a good look through our site. We are sure you will find it both informative and practical as an aid in your efforts to get pregnant.

Personalised care

We understand that you will individually need a personalized approach. Should you wish you can arrange a personal consultation where Dr Woolcott or Dr McIlveen will consider your unique medical history and provide advice specifically suited to your circumstances. Our team at the Genea in Newcastle use state of the art techniques to maximize your chances of success.

All you need to know about getting and staying pregnant